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Birds Nest Swings & Swing Seats

Birds nest swings are a great addition to any outdoor play park and are suitable for a wide variety of ages. Swings are one of the main attractions in the playground and no park is complete without one. Birds nest swing seats are particularly good for public parks and for schools. Some of our swings can hold multiple children at one time.  

Children love to swing high in the air. HUCK therefore offers every type of swing option a child could possibly want. Whether for toddlers, pre-school or primary school children or adults with limited mobility, HUCK‘s product range has the right solution for everyone. For inseparable friends and families, HUCK also offers a special type of product – the original HUCK Bird’s Nest®. 

Birds nest swing seats are usually made using 2 or 4 solid steel posts that are anchored into the ground. It’s these posts that our birds nest swing seats are suspended from. The birds nest seats are made from high quality robe and rubber. All of the metal fixings are protected from rust and weathering. As well as the standard birds net swing seats that we offer, we have swing seats for limited mobility. These seats are made to offer a comfortable and relaxed position where the user is lying on their back at a gentle angle.  

Jungle rope swings are also very popular and offer a different swinging experience. Jungle rope swings are made from stable, weatherised PP rope with a 90mm diameter. The Duo swing is of a similar design and features three vertical ropes which suspends it from the frame above.  

We also sell traditional swing seats which are great as a replacement for old seats that have broken or that have been vandalised. These are attached to the frame using chains and come in black or multicoloured options.