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Early Years Play Equipment

HUCK early years outdoor play equipment is extremely well suited to play groups caring for children over the age of 2. They can romp around on various adventure bridges and courses, giving free rein to their imagination. A multitude of climbing options encourage the kids to test and improve their own capabilities. 

Within the Huck range of early years outdoor play equipment, you will find a mixture of swings, slides and towers. Each piece has been carefully designed by our expert team. We manufacture pieces using the same high-quality netting and rope we use across every product category.  

One of our best-selling early years outdoor play equipment products is our Huck Junior Play Ship. It features three different climbing areas to explore and a horizontal netting area made from steel core Hercules rope coated with soft polyester rope. The ship has minimal outer structure, just 5 poles made from steel that are installed into the ground. The overall size is 4m x 6.6m. 

The Gnome Tree is another very popular piece. It features a number of different play elements all in one piece of play equipment. It has climbing ropes on one side and a rubber climbing wall on the other which both lead up to the first level. Beyond that we have installed our Hercules rope as climbing netting which can be used to reach the top of the Gnome Tree. All of the ground anchors are buried to ensure there are no trip hazards.  

To see an example of one of our latest installations please see our latest blog post. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about buying or installing any of our Huck early years outdoor play equipment then please do get in touch. Our expert team can be reached on 01308 425100.