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Net Bridges & Net Tunnels

A fantastic connecting element that should be considered for every play park is a rope bridge and a net tunnel. These elements really help to tie a whole park together and can be used on a range of different types of climbing apparatus. However, rope bridges are not just limited to use in playparks. They can also be used at attractions including tropical garden walks and high rope courses.  

Many of our net tunnels and net rope bridges are made from our super tough Hercules rope. Hercules rope gets its name from the strong nature of the rope and it has 6 steel cores inside it that gives it it’s strength. And, within those 6 steel cores are 7 individual strands of steel. It makes this type of rope weather proof and vandal-proof and suitable for a range of applications including rope net bridges and walks.  

Because we manufacture all of our own netting and rope, we can make rope bridges and net tunnels to bespoke sizes to suit your individual project. If you have a project that requires this kind of bespoke element then please do get in touch with our team to discuss your specifications. 

Net tunnels and rope bridges come in a number of different styles to choose from. There are more traditional cage type bridges and tunnels that are used to connect different elements of outdoor adventure playground equipment. Alternatively, net tunnels can be installed as a standalone piece of equipment like our Bow Net. These tunnels are suspended from two posts at either end and are accessed through a rope ladder.   

Not all net tunnels have to be made completely of netting. We do offer net tunnels with wooden steps at different intervals which may be more suitable for children of a younger age or when installing an inclusive playground.