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Playground Rope Pyramids

HUCK playground rope pyramids make the most of the benefits of rope play equipment. The taut net surfaces act as a play element but also as fall protection, enabling children to climb much higher. Just like in real life, HUCK playground rope pyramids also have inner elements. These include rope ladders, levels and net chimneys. This makes our rope pyramids an exciting and varied piece of equipment that is suitable for multiple children to be using at the same time. That is why they are often installed in public playgrounds and in schools.  

As well as the functional aspect of the design, we have also thought about the aesthetics. Colourful square and rectangular meshes made of HUCK‘s tried-and-tested steel core Hercules rope. This gives the climbing nets their stability and makes for an exciting climbing adventure in the world of the pharaohs. All HUCK rope pyramids are available in mini, midi and maxi versions depending on the target age group and desired degree of difficulty. Ideal for little explorers looking for adventure!  

To further demonstrate the quality of our rope net playground equipment, all of our rope net pyramids come with a hot-dip galvanised steel post in the centre which is secured into the ground. These posts are finished with an aluminium cap to ensure there is no weather damage and to prevent them from getting rusty. All of the fixings used on our play equipment are weatherproof and rustproof making for a highly durable and safe play area. 

If you require any assistance when choosing the right adventure playground equipment then please do get in touch. Our expert team have experience of designing and installing a range of different playground equipment in different settings. Please feel free to call our team on 01308 425100.