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Brick Nets

Cargo nets and brick guard nets are essential when transporting heavy goods like bricks, masonry and other bulky or loose items. Brick nets are mainly used in the construction industry whereas cargo nets are used in a wider range of different transport situations.  

Brick guard netting is made from knotless polypropylene netting. This type of netting construction provides excellent strength with all of our knotless brick guardrail nets conforming to EN 1263-1. Brick nets can be manufactured in a range of sizes and with different mesh sizes. We currently offer 45mm, 60mm and 100mm mesh options.  

Cargo nets are similar to brick nets and tend to have a smaller net diameter. They are suitable for use on cars, lorries and camper vans. We also use the same type of netting for warehouse applications including pallet rack netting and ball stop netting. Pallet and cargo nets come with a 45mm diamond mesh and an elastic cord around the edge to help secure them to a vehicle or trailor. Like many of our other nets, cargo nets can also be made to bespoke shapes and sizes. 

We also offer trailer cover netting which measures 3mm in diameter. It's made from the same high quality knotless polypropylene netting as our brick nets and is available with a 45mm mesh size. Trailer nets come with a 5-7mm reinforced edge and have a 6mm rubber tension cord. Our trailer nets come with a DEKRA certificate. 

To help secure loads and nets in place we sell belt snap buckles with clamps. These are in stock and ready to ship within 1-2 days. Belt snap buckles are 55cm in length and are sold in singles and supplied loose. You have a choice of three colours, red, green and blue. 

If you need to speak to a member of our team to discuss your requirements then please do get in touch on 01308 425100. We are more than happy to help.