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Fall arrest safety net with rope edging and suspension ropes - 100mm mesh

£ 18.54 * GBP 6.18 * excl. VAT: £ 15.45 Shipping cost * inc. small size surcharge of: £ 12.36 (200%)

Article number: 2103-100
Ships in approx. 7-10 days

Due to increased manufcturing time and material usage we have a small size surcharge as below
Under 1m2 - 200%
Under 5m2 - 100%
Under 10m2 - 40%
Under 20m2 - 5%
Properties Description
Article number: 2103-100
Available colours: Green (01)
White (02)
Orange (03)
Blue (04)
Yellow (05)
Black (06)
Red (07)
Hemp (08)
Ships in approx. 7-10 days

Bespoke size safety nets complete with 12mm polysteel border rope and 2m long tie ropes, We manfacture these fall arrest safety nets to EN 1263-1 standards in our Uk Factory and can make safety nets to any bespoke sizes.

  • 5mm diameter
  • High tenacity polypropylene, knotless
  • 100mm Mesh
  • Complete with reinforced edges, approx. 5-7mm
  • with 30KN border rope 
  • Type-L suspension ropes in each corner and every 2.5m all edges
  • Safety net conforming to EN 1263-1

Safety nets of 100mm mesh can only be certified if the width of the net is greater than 5m or if the overall square meterage is 35 sqm or greater , if you want a certified safety net and it is smaller then please use the 45mm mesh