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Hercules steel core rope, 16mm daimeter - per metre

£ 10.00 * GBP 12.00 * incl. VAT: £ 12.00

Article number: HER16/M
Ships in approx. 3-5 days

Description Properties
Article number: HER16/M
Available colours: Green (01)
Blue (04)
Yellow (05)
Black (06)
Red (07)
Hemp (08)
Ships in approx. 3-5 days

16mm diameter steel core Hercules rope is used widely as playground ropes and climbing ropes. This steel core rope is available in a range of colours and can be cut to any length required. 

Our steel core ropes are constructed from 6 twisted 2.5mm thick steel strands which are made up of 7 individual steel strands, each strand is then coated in 6mm high quality polyester yarn. Unlike other Synthetic materials, Polyester has a very high level of abrasion resistance and good UV resistance.