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Bird Net Kit & Fixings - 5m x 5m Bird Netting

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Bird net kit includes bird netting and fixings. 50mm mesh size protects against pigeons and larger birds. Rot-proof, UV stabilised bird netting. Professional grade fixings. Perfect for DIY home and garden use.

Our complete bird netting kit is the perfect solution for protecting your home and garden against unwanted bird activity and damage. 

This DIY bird netting kit includes a 5m x 5m, 50mm mesh net which protects against pigeons and larger birds. 

Use the professional-grade fixings to install our bird net kit for a professional, durable and secure installation.   

While our netting kit is made for pigeons and larger birds, this netting can also be used to contain birds in aviaries       

  • 5m x 5m bird netting
  • 50mm Mesh (Choose - Black, Stone or Translucent)
  • Wire Rope x 50m Roll
  • M6 Corner Eye Bolts x 4
  • Barrel Strainers (tensioners) x 4
  • 3mm Wire Rope Grips x 16
  • Screw Eyes and Wall plugs (intermediate fixings) x 20
  • 400 black cable ties 

NB. Tools are not included with this kit

Looking for a bigger net? Buy our 10m x 10m bird netting kit.

Article number
Available colours
Black (06)
Stone (088)
Translucent (126)
Ships in approx.
3-5 days