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Air-permeable Sheet, PE, 200 g/m² - Made to Order

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Air-permeable Sheet, PE, 200 g/m² - Made to Order

Close mesh sheets are used on building sites to protect workers, buildings and other property from falling debris. They can be used in a range of scenarios including as shade netting, and as debris netting when attached to fall arrest netting when you require a heavier duty solution than standard debris netting. 

This close mesh sheet comes with an added strength banded edge to reduce the chance of rips and tears giving the sheet a much longer life span. In addition to the perimeter banding it also comes with pre-installed eyelets. These make installing and attaching close mesh sheets much easier when being used on scaffolding. 

Thanks to the light weight material this sheet is easy to fold, store and transport from job to job. It is also UV resistant and fully air permeable. 

Technical Specs

  • 200 g/m², approx
  • Polyethylene
  • Complete with reinforced edges and eyelets every 500mm
  • UV-stabilised and Air-permeable plastic cover sheet 
  • Shading 50/50

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