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DRALO ® Volleyball Net

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Article number: 4074-1

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Article number: 4074-1

DRALO ® Volleyball Net

Our Dralo volleyball net is the perfect solution for situations where nets are left unattended or installed in public spaces. The Dralo net is an attractive net that cannot be cut. It is made using galvanised steel wire ropes approx 2mm in diameter. The mesh size is the same as a standard volleyball net at 100mm. The net measures 9.5m x 1m in accordance with international volleyball regulations. It can be used with standard volleyball posts. 

Technical Specs

  • Volleyball net made of galvanised steel wire ropes (DRALO ®) 
  • approx. 2 mm in diameter
  • with a mesh size of 100 mm
  • The net measures 1 m x 9.50 m in accordance with the international regulations
  • For use with standard volleyball posts
  • Tape, 160 mm wide, made of coated woven fabric and bearing the Huck logo