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Tennis Court Surround Net - 2m High

£ 11.20 * GBP 13.44 * incl. VAT: £ 13.44

Article number: 712
Ships in approx. 15-20 days

Description Properties
Article number: 712
Available colours: Light green (010)
Dark green (015)
Orange (03)
Blue (04)
Terracotta (76)
Ships in approx. 15-20 days

Tennis Court Surround Net - 2m High

Our tennis court surrounds and indoor panelling and manufactured from breathable polyethylene and therefore do not damage fencing. They are ideal for advertising and for branding with your own club or tournament logos. Every surround is reinforced around the edge and comes with metal eyelets at a distance of approx. 50cm. Snap hooks are also included with each surround. 

This surround is 2m high, can be made to any length and is available in 5 different colours. It is manufactured from 220g/m2 polyethylene material which makes it lightweight, easy to install. 

Technical Specs

  • Tennis court surround made in knitted Polyethylene, breathable 
  • 2m high with a 2-ply edge
  • Reinforced all the way around with metal eyelets about every 50cm

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