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Tennis Court Drag Net Complete (4cm Mesh)

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Article number: 917
Ships in approx. 7-28 days

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Article number: 917
Available colours: Black (06)
Ships in approx. 7-28 days

Tennis Court Drag Net

Tennis court drag nets are essential for evening out clay playing surfaces and removing any debris that may have fallen onto the court. This drag net is made from polyester netting with a 2-ply mesh. It comes complete with a wooden bar and pull cord. The size of the drag net is 2m wide by 1.5m long with a mesh size of 4cm by 4cm. 

Technical Specs

  • Tennis court drag net in coated Polyester, with two-ply mesh.
  • Mesh size: 4 x 4 cm
  • Net size: 2 m wide, 1.50 m long
  • Complete with wooden bar and pull cord