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Full Size Box Style Football Goal Nets - Hexagonal Mesh - 3.5mm Diameter - Single net

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24' x 8' Box Style Football Goal Nets - Hexagonal Mesh - Single net only

Commonly referred to as the ‘fans’ football goal net, this box style professional football net has been developed so that fans, cameras and players all have the perfect view of the goal. The two colour design enables players to see a clear outline of the goal with the white side of the netting facing the pitch. The reverse of the net is coloured black which gives spectators and cameras a great view of the action from the stands and the ground (other colour combinations are available on request).

Full size, box style, hexagonal mesh, 2 colour football goal nets made using our market-leading knotless polypropylene netting. Suitable for box style football goal set-ups. The goal nets measure 7.5m (w) x 2.5m (h) x 2m (d).  

  • Full-size football goal net to suit 7.32m x 2.44m goals (pair)
  • White netting with black reverse optimised for fans, players and cameras 
  • Box style design
  • 3.5mm netting diameter
  • 120mm mesh, superior strength, impact-resistant knotless netting
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant 
  • Net measures 7.5m (w) x 2.5m (h) x 2m (d)
  • Single net only

Huck football goal nets are hand-made in the UK using our globally recognised knotless netting. This winning combination makes Huck goal nets the best on the market providing years of durability and incredible value. Our nets are the #1 choice for grassroots teams through to professional clubs. 

Our knotless netting does not have joins between each mesh. This gives them higher impact resistance and they are less likely to develop holes. Our knotless nets are used year after year offering superior value over time. Knotted alternatives are joined using knots which create weak spots and need to be replaced more often or repaired. 

For added durability and peace of mind, our nets are UV and weather resistant. We include this protection as standard which means our nets can be used in all weathers with no risk of rot and damage. The additional UV resistance keeps nets looking bright whether in white or your team colours. 

We are proud to supply the highest quality and best value netting available to teams across the UK and to championships like the Euros and World Cup.

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