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Tournament Volleyball Net - 9.5m x 1m (4mm Diameter)

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Article number: 5077
Ships in approx. 1-5 days

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Article number: 5077
Available colours: Black (06)
Ships in approx. 1-5 days

Tournament Volleyball Net - 9.5m x 1m (4mm Diameter)

This tournament volleyball net is perfect for clubs and venues that host tournaments or that want teams to practice with tournament regulation nets. They are used for international matches as well as for all competition matches, particularly in the higher categories from the Landesliga (German State League) and above. All of our tournament volleyball nets are made to conform to international and DVV I standards. They also conform to DIN EN 1271.

The net is manufactured from knotless polypropylene netting and has a mesh size of approx 100mm. It features a 70mm wide white headband which houses the 11.70m Kevlar cable. Along the bottom, there is a 50mm wide white band as well as inner tensioning rope. All of our tournament nets come with 6 suspension points and 3 quick-release fasteners at each end with fibreglass-reinforced polyester rods sewn into the sides.  

All volleyball nets are fitted with plastic disks at both ends of the net to prevent the steel or kevlar cable from accidentally slipping back into the tape. The measurements for this tournament volleyball net are 9.5m (l) x 1m (h) with an 11.70m Kevlar cable.

Technical Specs

  • 9.5m x 1m high
  • 11.7m Kevlar headline
  • Manufactured to DIN EN 1271 net class A
  • 6-point suspension 
  • 4mm diameter x 100mm mesh

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