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Ski Slope Nets & Fences

Ski slope nets and ski slope fences are used to mark out different slopes and to clearly divide off safe areas for skiers. We manufacture and supply both from our factory in Dorset. Ski slope nets are made from the same high-quality knotless netting as our fall arrest safety nets and come with patches and tags should they require testing at any point.  

We offer two different types of ski slope fencing, both of which come with integral posts for easy and quick installation. Our orange ski slope fence is made from rotproof polyethylene and is supplied with 1.5m, 12mm diameter polyester posts with steel tips. The bright orange colour stands out clearly from the white slopes.  

Our green snow fence is made from the same rotproof polyethylene and comes with integral fibre-glass reinforced polyester poles. These poles are always attached to the net keeping it safe and secure should there be high winds or a collision. The fence height is 1.10m and the full weight of the 50m fence and accessories is 53kg. Included with the snow fence are 18 double support ropes to help keep the snow fence sturdy, 36 ground anchors and 18 double support ropes.  

Ski nets are manufactured in red and come in either a 70mm mesh or a 100mm mesh. Our made to order ski nets are manufactured from the same high quality 100mm mesh, knotless netting as our FASET compliant fall arrest safety nets. This means that they are made to incredibly high industry standards. 

Alternatively, we have netting that is slightly more lightweight but just as strong. Our 5mm diameter 100mm mesh polypropylene netting conforms to EN1263-1 standards and comes with an integral 12mm border surround rope. We also offer a 5mm diameter, 70mm mesh net that comes with reinforced edges of 5-7mm and with rope loops all the way round.