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3mm Braided Tennis Net With All Edges Taped

£ 123.50 * GBP 148.20 * incl. VAT: £ 148.20

Article number: 9000
Ships in approx. 10-15 days

Description Properties
Article number: 9000
Available colours: Black (06)
Ships in approx. 10-15 days

3mm Knotted Tennis Net With Top Band & Wire

This polyethylene tennis net is manufactured using 3mm knotted tennis netting with no rows of double mesh for optimum visibility. It is manufactured in regulation with ITF and DTB doubles court dimensions 12.72m x 1.07m for installation dimensions that comply with DIN EN 1510. 

These standard nets for doubles courts are manufactured with an integral headband made of extremely durable woven polyester which is fully UV resistant. For proper set-up and tensioning the headband houses a 13.2m steel wire cable encased in plastic. This can be used with all new net posts. If you require a different length of steel wire cable please do let us know. For optimum visibility, we have not included rows of double mesh. (Most international tennis tournaments use single-mesh nets). 

Technical Specs

  • 3mm knotted tennis net
  • All sides taped
  • Complete with woven polyester headband
  • No double rows for optimum visibility
  • 12.72m x 1.07m  

All tennis nets can be fitted with a 5mm Kevlar aramid fibre cable for a surcharge to avoid kinks forming in the steel cable when nets are dismantled.  

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