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Post & Wire Bird Deterrent

Post and wire bird deterrent systems are used to stop birds perching on ledges and parapets. One of the main advantages of this type of solution is that post and wire systems are very discreet. They have a low profile which means that in some cases they cannot be seen from street level on high ledges. Because of this they are used in places like town centres and on office buildings.  

Many of our post and wire bird deterrent products are supplied with a stainless-steel post and a plastic base. These are available in a range of heights. This will enable you to create a post and wire system bespoke to the building, ledge or parapet that you are working on. Using the plastic stick on base makes it easy to follow the contours of a building so that there are no gaps in the bird deterrent system. 

We stock a range of wire that can be used with these post and wire systems. Nylon coated wire is the best type of wire to use in this situation. Our wire has a 7mm finished diameter and is available in spool sizes of 50m, 100m, 250m and 500m. It is fully UV stabilised and comes with a clear nylon coating.  

In addition to our nylon coated wire we also supply bird coil systems. This is another discreet ledge proofing solution and is easy to install. Bird-Coil can easily be cut down to suit different ledge lengths. When installing you must ensure the gaps between each coil do not exceed 40mm and that the coil hangs over the ledge by approx. 12mm. 

Our Huck Bird Control section has a range of bird deterrent products including bird nettinganti bird spikes and weldmesh for solar panel protection. We also stock all the relevant fixtures and fixings that you will need to install an effective bird deterrent solution.