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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Solar panel bird proofing is an effective bird deterrent method to keep birds such as pigeons from getting underneath solar panels. Without solar panel bird proofing rooves are at risk from damage and the panels themselves can be damaged as can the wiring. For any house or business with solar panels, solar panel proofing is an essential.  

One of the most effective ways of pigeon proofing solar panels is to use galvanised wire mesh. Our galvanised wire mesh will protect solar panels from all bird species with a 12.5mm x 25mm mesh. It is sold on a 0.3m x 30m roll and is in stock, available for delivery in 1-2 working days. 

To successfully install the solar panel bird proofing mesh, we recommend using our solar panel clips. These special clips are made from UV stabilised plastic. They should be used every 450mm to ensure a tight and uniform installation. One of the key advantages is that they are easy to clip onto the panels and there is no drilling required. It should be noted that these solar panel clips are only suitable for panels with a minimum 20mm return underside lip. 

As well as solar panel bird proofing, we also supply a range of other bird deterrent products. We are well known for our range of knotted and knotless bird netting. This is available in a range of sizes and mesh sizes to protect against every bird species from sparrows to gulls.  

We all sell bird spikes which are an effective bird deterrent product for ledges and rooves. Bird spikes can be applied with an eco-friendly gel and are commonly used with solar panel proofing and bird netting to ensure all round protection.   

If you require any advice or assistance please do get in touch with our expert team on 01308 425100.