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Webbing Cargo & Load Restraint Nets

Webbing cargo nets aare uesd for securing large and unstable loads during transit on lorries, pallets and vans. We are a leading UK netting manufacturer and make all of our webbing cargo nets and load restraint nets to an extremely high standard right here in the UK. Our experienced team have been creating industrial, construction and sports netting since 1996.  

Load restraint nets are manufactured from heavy duty webbing materials to increase the maximum load that the nets can restrain. Nets are supplied that can hold anywhere from 2T to over 12T. 2T webbing cargo nets come in two different sizes which are 1525mm x 4825mm and 1525mm x 3025mm. 2T nets are ideal for vans and flatbed trucks and trailers. 

Our maximum strength webbing net is designed for lorries with a max mass over 12T. They conform the DIN EN 12640. These webbing nets come with lashing points and measure 3050mm x 4250mm and with labelling following VDI 2700ff and DIN EN 12195.2. 

As well as larger, heavy duty webbing and load restraint nets small mesh overlay nets can be used to contain smaller parts. These webbing cargo nets are ideal for use with lighter products and objects. They are most commonly used on trailers and in cars or vans. If you are looking for something bigger, take a look at lorry nets and cargo and pallet netting. 

To secure large loads buckle straps can be used which are suitable for many purposes. Buckle straps are available in a safe working load of 500 daN all the way up to 4000. For further protection and security, you may want to think about including anti-slip mats with your order. Anti-slip mats are used regularly by logistics companies to stop loads moving on smooth surfaces. Please speak with our team if you need any help on 01308 425100.