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Wire Netting

Wire netting is commonly used as anti-vandalism thanks to its extremely strong structure. We manufacture three different types of wire netting including Hercules netting, Mahulan netting and Powernet netting. They are all used in different circumstances but can all be used as anti-vandalism netting. Wire rope netting is manufactured from steel and can be coated in textile or left as a steel net. 

Our standard wire rope netting is manufactured from steel and can be coated in textile or left as a steel net. Steel nets are used for high vandalism areas or where fibre nets are unsuitable. We supply wire rope nets in two different diameters, 6mm mesh and 8mm mesh. It is also available in either a 10cm mesh diameter or a 15cm mesh diameter. It is often called ‘Powernet’ and has a square mesh configuration with galvanised steel wire ropes.  

Mahulan steel knotless netting can be used as safety netting and has a mesh size of 60mm or 105mm. It has a steel core which is coated in high tenacity, flame-retardant polypropylene making it incredibly strong and durable in many situations. Mahulan steel netting comes in a fixed width of 3m but can be cut to any length.  

Hercules netting can also be called safety and stop netting. This type of netting was devised to partition fields and to stop balls from going behind goal posts or barriers. Much like the Mahulan netting it is made from polypropylene with a steel core for maximum strength and longevity. The diameter of the net is approx. 2.5/5mm and it comes in a mesh size of 100mm.  

To calculate the price of your netting you can use the pricing calculator located on the product pages. Simply enter the width and the length that you need and you will be able to see the cost and place your order online.