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Net Fixings & Straining Wire

To help with the installation of all types of netting Huck Nets supply a full range of net fixings, straining wire and wire rope grips. Different fixings will be required for different types and mesh sizes of netting. We can help you to find the right types of netting fixings for your nets if you require assistance.  

Net fixings like eyebolts are usually used when netting is going to be attached to a wall or solid structure. They are drilled into the wall leaving only an eye on show through which straining wire can be fed and the rope attached. Our eyebolts come in a few different sizes and are complete with zinc expander shields. Zinc eyebolts comes in packs of 10. 

Another very common netting fixing that is used are wire rope grips. Our wire rope grips are galvanised and are suitable for use with 2mm galvanised wire which you can also purchase on our website. They are sold in packs of 50 and come in 3mm and 4mm variations. If you require stainless steel wire rope grips these comes in packs of 10 and are 3mm. 

Straining wire is used with both zinc eyebolts and with wire rope grips. It is most commonly used with lighter netting like bird netting. For tips on how to install bird netting you can visit our bird deterrent netting page where the process is explained. The straining wire that we sell is galvanised 7x7 wire and sold in 100m and 250m coils. Again, this is also available in a range of thicknesses to suit your needs.  

Smaller fixings that are used to secure the net around the perimeter can also be found in our net fixings section. Hog rings are a great way to secure bird netting to wire to stop smaller birds getting through gaps. This can also be achieved with cable ties where required.