March 13, 2018

Rope Walk Fair 2018

Bridport is a town built around the rope and net industry. The town’s place in the landscape and the layout of its streets and long gardens lay testament to its rope making heritage. Today, Bridport net makers are still at the forefront of design, production and innovation. The Bridport name is linked with nets from Wembley to Wimbledon.

The Ropewalk Fair is the only event to focus on and celebrate Bridport’s ropemaking heritage and net making future.

The Ropewalk Fair is a community event that will host a whole range of activities for all ages, including sporting challenges, heritage walks, lively talks and discussions, skill sharing, live music and much more.

Huck Will be displaying a rope walk making ropes all day "the old way". Our rope walk is over 100 years old but still works like new. We will also have a range of netting and ropes to view and will also include our range of Fruit cages and garden netting. 


The fair is on the 13th of May at Mountfield (top of downs walk)