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Recycled Netting

Huck Nets’ recycled netting provides an eco-conscious netting solution for both safety and sports applications. These nets are made from consumer and industrial-recycled plastics, while still being durable and robust. Shop the range today.


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Best Recycled Netting for Your Project

Getting the right netting can be the key difference between a successful and unsuccessful project. No matter what your goals, you need nets that guarantee strength and support.


Huck Nets recycled netting is made from both consumer and industrial plastic waste that’s been melted down to create the materials required to manufacture these nets.


Safety Netting for You and the Planet

Safety netting is one of the most important aspects of a project. It can prevent materials falling onto a walkway or stop people from falling from a high platform. The Huck Nets range has expanded to recycled safety netting that is as durable as our regular safety netting.


These recycled safety nets are made with a 45mm mesh size, helping to provide adequate support and strength to maintain necessary levels of safety on site. 


Contact us about safety netting installation.


Durable and Eco Sports Netting

Recycled nets aren't limited to industrial settings. They can also be used in sports settings.


Huck Nets’ DRALO Volleyball Net and DRALO Practice Pitch Goal Nets are now available in our new recycled netting. They can be used in the same way as traditional DRALO netting and are as durable and reliable.


Browse our range of recycled safety netting at Huck Nets today.





What Are Recycled Nets Made From?

Recycled netting can be made from any kind of consumer or industrial recyclable plastic. Some of the most common types of materials include discarded fishing nets and other types of fishing gear. Industrial plastics can consist of product wastes or scraps.

Can Recycled Safety Netting Be Used Like Normal?

Recycled safety netting can be used in exactly the same way as any other type of netting. It’s also available in various types of netting, including for sports and safety.

Are Recycled Safety Nets Biodegradable?

Recycled safety netting is not biodegradable as it’s made from recycled plastic. However, there are other types of netting available that are biodegradable. A great example of a biodegradable net is the Full Size Biodegradable Continental Football Goal Nets from Huck Nets.

Is Recycled Safety Netting Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, recycled safety netting is environmentally friendly. Because it makes use of discarded products such as fishing nets to create something, new plastic doesn't have to be manufactured.