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Hally Gally Series

Included in our extensive range our outdoor adventure playground equipment is our very popular Hally Gally Series. This series of exciting and innovative playground equipment contains a wide range of items to promote learning and playing. Included in the series are spinning playground equipment, trampolines and rope climbing playground equipment. This series is a modern twist on classic adventure playground pieces all made from our high-quality steel core Hercules rope.   

One of the best-selling items from the Hally Gally range are the carousels. The Hally Gally carousels spin and bob up and down at the same time thanks to their unique mechanism. The beehive carousel in particular has a safe enclosed basket that’s made from steel core Hercules rope. This provides both climbing fun and protection when children are playing inside.  

As a single attraction or as the highlight of every playground – this spinning playground equipment in numerous designs provides a colourful variety for different age groups. It’s great for installation in schools and in public play parks where multiple children can use the equipment at one time.  

As well as the spinning playground equipment the Hally Gally Series has a small range of trampolines. This includes trampolines that accommodate wheelchair users. Trampolines can be installed above ground of sunk into the ground for a mixture of play experiences.  

It really is all action when playing on the Hally Gally components. Children feel like Tarzan in the jungle when they climb and swing on a rope swing and have fun bouncing around on the trampoline. If you require any assistance when choosing items from the Hally Gally Series please do let us know. You can speak to a member of our team on 01308 425100 who will be able to help and advise on the best solution for your space. We also offer an installation service.