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Playground Hammocks

Playground hammocks are a great addition to any outdoor adventure play area. They provide a safe place to rest but can also be used as a climbing obstacle. Many of our playground hammocks are made from our incredibly strong Hercules rope. This rope has 6 steel cores, each with its own 7 strands of steel wire. They are coated in a soft polyester which makes them comfortable to sit on, lay in and climb on.  

As well as our Hercules rope playground hammocks we sell rubber hammocks. There hammocks are a great choice for parks that are unattended or that are in public areas. They are very hard to vandalize and easy to maintain. The bed on our standard rubber hammock is made from rubber but is coated in fabric. We also sell a steel link rope hammock which has small holes where each piece is attached.  

Polyester playground hammocks are another alternative to rope and rubber hammocks. The bed on our standard polyester hammock is made from a very high-quality polyester weave that measures 0.6m x 1.6m. This material is very tough and is weather proof and water permeable. The hanging rope is made from our steel core Hercules rope that has a diameter of 16mm and has a 6-strand steel core.  

If you are looking for more than one playground hammock then we do also offer the hammock trio. These hammocks are made from the same high-quality polyester weave as our polyester hammocks and include four posts on which they are attached. To ensure the safety of these hammocks they have restricted swinging when in use.  

If you require any assistance when choosing any of our playground equipment please do get in touch on 01308 425100. A member of our team will be able to assist with your order and offer their expert advice.