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45mm Brick Guard Rail Net - Made to Order

£ 22.50 * GBP 27.00 * incl. VAT: £ 27.00 * inc. small size surcharge of: £ 15.00 (200%)

Article number: 3000-045
Ships in approx. 5-7 days

Description Properties
Article number: 3000-045
Available colours: Green (01)
White (02)
Blue (04)
Black (06)
Red (07)
Hemp (08)
Ships in approx. 5-7 days

45mm Brick Guard Rail Net - Made to Order

Our brick guard rail nets are an extremely safe method of securing scaffolding and ledges when working on site. They are easy to install onto scaffolding and are strengthened with 5-7mm reinforced net edge. Nets are also supplied with an integral surround rope. 

This knotless guardrail nets conforms to EN 1263-1 and are made from the same high strength knotless polypropylene netting as our fall arrest safety nets. If required, debris netting can be attached at extra cost. 

Technical Specs 

  • 5mm diameter
  • High tenacity polypropylene, knotless
  • 45mm mesh
  • Complete with reinforced edges, approx. 5-7mm
  • Knotless guardrail net conform EN 1263-1
  • Safety net system U
  • With integral 12mm surround rope

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