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300mm Mesh Line Crossing Safety Net with Border Rope & Clips - Made to Order

£ 2.00 * GBP 2.40 * incl. VAT: £ 2.40

Article number: 2003-300
Ships in approx. 5-7 days

Description Properties
Article number: 2003-300
Available colours: Black (06)
Ships in approx. 5-7 days

300mm Mesh Line Crossing Safety Net with Border Rope & Clips - Made to Order

Within our range of safety nets we offer power line crossing nets. Power line crossing nets are large mesh nets that go under wires that cross roads and motorways. This 300mm mesh safety net has a 5mm in diameter and is made using our high tenacity knotless polypropylene netting. Each net comes with a 5mm – 7mm reinforced edge and 12mm polysteel border rope around the edge. These nets also include safety net clips. All of our safety nets are manufactured to conform to EN 1263-1 standards. 

Technical Specs

  • 5mm diameter
  • High tenacity polypropylene, knotless - BLACK NETTING
  • 300mm mesh
  • Complete with reinforced edges, approx. 5-7mm
  • 12mm border rope and clips edging all round
  • Safety net conforming to EN 1263-1

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