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Power Line Crossing Nets

Within our range of safety nets we offer power line crossing nets. Power line crossing nets are large mesh nets that go under wires that cross roads and motorways. Our power line crossing nets come in two different mesh sizes. These are 100mm mesh and 300mm mesh. Both measure 5mm in diameter and are made using our high tenacity knotless polypropylene netting. Each comes with a 5mm – 7mm reinforced edge and 12mm polysteel border rope around the edge. These nets also include safety net clips. All of our safety nets are manufactured to conform to EN 1263-1 standards. 

As well as polypropylene netting we also sell wire rope netting. This is a very high strength netting type and can be used in a variety of different situations. It is manufactured using galvanised steel wire ropes and has a mesh size of 100mm or 150mm. The mesh is square with the smaller 100mm mesh size having a 6mm diameter and the larger 150mm mesh size having an 8mm diameter.  

We offer a range of different netting solutions for construction sites, warehouses, sports stadiums and industrial sites like landfill. If you would like to speak with one of our netting experts please do get in touch on 01308 425100. We are more than happy to share our 20+ years of experience and guide you in the right direction. We also offer an installation service for some netting types. 

Huck Nets are the leading UK manufacturer of safety, fall arrest and industrial nets. We manufacture nets for some of the largest construction sites in the world. Our customers keep coming back because they know our net quality and high safety standards are second to none. We have been manufacturing and supplying netting since 1996. Our power line crossing nets use the same pioneering knotless technology that all of our nets use across sports, safety and industrial categories.