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Safety Ropes & Net Ties

Safety ropes are an important element in fall arrest netting and safety netting. We include safety ropes around the borders of our nets as standard to ensure they provide the strength and durability needed when working at height.  

Safety ropes can be purchased seperately safety nets by the coil. 12mm white polysteel rope is on 660m coils and is white with blue, green, and yellow Huck fleck. It can be cut and sealed using a standard hot knife and splicing will provide a strong join. 

Polysteel rope can be cut to size and used as net ties after being heat sealed and taped at each end. These safety net rope ties are used when installing safety netting. They are available in 2m lengths and are made from the same high strength, 12mm polysteel as our Huck fleck border rope and 660m polysteel coils.  

For those looking for an alternative to polysteel rope we also offer nylon rope which is available to purchase in 1m lengths. Our nylon rope measures in at 12mm in diameter and is heat sealed on the ends and finished with tape to stop it fraying and unravelling. These nylon rope ties can be also be used to secure safety netting where required. Nylon rope can also be used for splicing.   

Huck Nets have been manufacturing, supplying and installing sports, safety, industrial and playground netting for over 20 years. We are the largest UK manufacturer and supplier of knotless sports and safety netting and manufacture all of our nets and rope in our recently expanded 50,000sqft factory in Dorset.

We are more than happy to offer help and advice on your next netting project. If you would like to speak with one of our netting team professionals they can be reached by calling 01308 425100.