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Scaffold Netting

Scaffold Netting For Construction & Building Projects

We supply professional grade scaffold netting which is used on building and construction sites as debris nets. It can also be attached to fall arrest safety nets for additional safety and security. 

Scaffold netting is available to buy online in rolls of 50m and in 2m and 3m widths. Colours include green, black and blue to match your company branding or safety and customer requirements. 

Our debris nets are lightweight at just 80gsm. This makes them very easy to transport, carry and install. We also supply all of the scaffold netting fixings and ties you need for a professional and secure installation. 

Our debris nets can also be used as windbreak and shade netting and to cover skips and lorries. If being used for this purpose please ensure that nets are secured all the way around the load with appropriate ties and fixings.