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100mm Mesh Fall Arrest Safety Net with Border Rope - 6m x 10m

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Article number: 19041-100
Ships in approx. 1-2 days

Description Properties
Article number: 19041-100
Available colours: Green (01)
Blue (04)
Ships in approx. 1-2 days

Stock size fall arrest safety net 6m x 10m complete with 12mm polysteel border rope. These nets are manufactured to EN 1263-1 and are complete with a 12mm border rope and test tags and patches.

  • 4.75mm diameter
  • High tenacity polypropylene, knotless
  • 100mm mesh
  • Complete with reinforced edging, approx. 5-7mm
  • with 12mm border rope edging all round
  • Safety net conforming to EN 1263-1
  • Size: 6m x 10m

We aim to stock Black or Blue nets, other colours may take a couple of extra days to manufacture