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Cat Netting for Balcony

Shop the best cat netting for balconies at Huck Nets! Our safety nets are specially designed to keep your feline friend safe and secure while still allowing them to enjoy the outdoors in your high-rise apartment or house. Order today for fast UK delivery.


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Product overview Cat Netting for Balcony
Plastic Cat Fencing

Plastic Cat Safety Fencing For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Article number C-BX/DC WJ/SIDE
Unit Price per meter
£ 3.50
pigeon net kit

Bird Net Kit & Fixings - 5m x 5m Bird Netting

Article number NK0001
Unit Price per pack
£ 44.00
Pigeon netting and fixings

Bird Net & Fixings - 10m x 10m Bird Netting

Article number NK0002
Unit price
£ 72.00
cat in front of netting

Cat containment/exclusion netting

Article number 202-020-CAT
Unit Price per m²
£ 1.55
out of

Easy-to-Install Cat Balcony Netting

For pet owners living in high-rise flat complexes or homes with balconies, a balcony safety net is a must-have for keeping your cat safe – and we have the best solutions!


Our cat netting is made from high-quality plastics that are strong, durable, and weather-resistant. This means it can withstand your cat's playful antics as well as the outdoor elements.


Plus, the netting is designed with a small mesh size to prevent your cat from getting its paws or head stuck, ensuring its safety at all times. It'll also double as a bird deterrent, so you won't have to worry about your furry friend chasing after any feathered visitors.


Our Plastic Cat Safety Fencing has a mesh of 18mm and is 2 metres wide, which is a great versatile height for most balconies.


We also manufacture Cat Containment/Exclusion Netting, which has a 20mm mesh size and is made from our knotless polypropylene.


All our nets are cut-to-size by our in-house netting team, so you can choose the exact dimensions you need for your space.


Our cat balcony netting is easy to install and does not require any special tools or skills. With a few cable ties or net hooks, you can securely attach it to your balcony railing in minutes.


We offer all the net fixings and attachments separately, so you can choose the best option for your specific balcony setup.


Order our cat safety netting for your balcony today and give your pet the freedom to safely enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.




What is the Best Balcony Netting for Cats?

We recommend our Plastic Cat Safety Fencing for most standard balconies. The 2-metre height creates a barrier that will prevent your cat from jumping or falling off the balcony while still allowing them to see and enjoy their surroundings.

Additionally, our net is made with a small 18mm mesh size to prevent any potential escape attempts or entanglement.

For balconies that are smaller or larger or a different shape, our Cat Containment Netting is more customisable, with the width and length being adjustable to fit your specific balcony size.

How Do You Install Cat Balcony Netting?

You can attach balcony netting to the railings of your balcony using cable ties or hooks. Make sure to secure the net tightly and check for any gaps or loose ends that may allow your cat to slip through.

You may also need to screw in additional hooks to secure the net if your balcony does not have railings, or use wire rope to create a frame for the net to be attached to.

We stock all the necessary net fixings to ensure a secure installation, so make sure to add these to your basket before checking out.

Will Cats Climb on Balcony Netting?

It is possible for cats to climb on balcony netting, which is why it's important to net the entire height of your balcony. Also, the smaller the mesh size, the harder it will be for cats to grip and climb, which is why our fencings are a great option for balcony netting.

How High Should Cat Netting Be?

Cat netting should be at least 2 metres high to prevent cats from jumping over it. However, if your balcony is higher than 2 metres, you will need a taller net to ensure full coverage.