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Volleyball Net with Wooden Posts

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Article number: 4674

Description Properties
Article number: 4674
Available colours: Green (01)
Note: This article is a bulky good

Reinforced Volleyball Net With Wooden Posts

Our reinforced volleyball net is the perfect solution for situations where nets are left unattended or installed in public spaces. It is made from steel core polyester and measures volleyball 9.5m x 1m and has anti-theft tensioning jacks. these nets can be used in a variety of ways, and the Huck system of knots is used to reinforce different mesh sizes and net sizes for all different types of sport. 

Technical Specs


  • Made from Hercules, 
  • 5 mm diameter,  green, 
  • 100mm mesh (rhombic). 
  • Netsize: 1.00 m x 9.50 m. 
  • With anti-theft tensioning jacks for fixing to the posts.


  • Larch (180mm diameter)
  • pressure impregnated
  • with steel plates to be embedded in concrete. 
  • Including steel ropes for offset bracing.