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Mahulan Steel Practice Pitch Goal Net

material diameter
1,25/4,75 mm
mesh size
100 mm
3 x 2 m
top and bottom depth
90 x 110 cm
PP with steel core
Article number
Unit Price
£ 527.00
Shipping cost
Unit Price
£ 527.00 *
GBP 632.40 * incl. VAT:
£ 632.40

Mahulan Steel Practice Pitch Goal Net

Our Mahulan textile goal nets are made from knotless polyester netting that contains a 0.5mm steel strand wire core making it vandal-proof and suitable for use on frames in unattended areas and public spaces.

Despite the strength, it still has a relatively small diameter of 4.5mm making it easy to install on goal frames. Due to the steel core, it forms a semi-rigid net with a square 100mm mesh. The goal net is delivered with additional edging ropes, in order to ensure that the outer rows of mesh are not damaged when the net is hung. 

The dimensions of the net measure width 3.00 m, height 2.00 m, top depth 0.9 m, bottom depth 1.10 m. Please note the goal frame is not included. 

Technical Specs

  • Practice pitch goal net in polyester with steel core 
  • 100mm square mesh design
  • Dimensions: width 3.00 m, height 2.00 m, top depth 0.90 m, bottom depth 1.10 m
  • Delivered with edging ropes for damage-free installation

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Article number
Available colours
Green (01)
Customs tariff number
9506 99 90
3 x 2 m
Standards and Rules
EN 748
PP with steel core
Continuous operating temperature
-40 to +80 °C
Melting point
165 °C
Bending strength & abrasion resistance
Weather resistance
300 kly
Tensile strength after two years of climatic influences
Regular Inspection Interval
12 months