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Hockey Nets

Our hockey nets section covers four different types of hockey game variations including regular hockey, field hockey, roller hockey and floorball. In each area you will find high quality hockey nets that are manufactured in our UK factory. We have been producing high quality sports netting since 1996 including tennis nets, football goal nets and cricket nets.  

The indoor hockey nets we manufacture are made from high tenacity knotless polypropylene and come in 4 different net diameter sizes. You can choose from 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm diameters. To provide added strength and durability all of our indoor hockey goal nets have a shock cord in the goal post area. The larger diameter nets come in a 45mm mesh size whereas the lower diameter is 25mm mesh. 

Field hockey nets are also made from our knotless netting and are available in 4mm diameter, 45mm mesh sizes. Roller hockey nets are made from polyester and have a 3mm diameter with a mesh size of 45mm. These nets hook onto the goals and measure 180 x 100cm. 

Floorball is a type of floor hockey that has 5 players on each team. We do manufacture hockey nets for floorball which are made from our knotless polypropylene netting. These nets are very strong and can withstand match play. These nets have a 45mm mesh size with a diameter of 2.3mm. They are made specially to fit floor hockey goals so measure 1.6m x 1.15m and have a 40cm roof and a 60cm base. 

Huck Nets are the leading UK manufacturer of sports and hockey netting in the UK. Made from our world-famous heavy duty knotless polypropylene netting, our hockey nets are used by many hockey teams and venues in the UK and across the world. Hockey nets are available in standard sizes and can be made to order.