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24' x 12' Skip Net - 45mm Mesh

£ 102.00 * GBP 122.40 * incl. VAT: £ 122.40

Article number: SK452412
Ships in approx. 15-20 days

Description Properties
Article number: SK452412
Available colours: Green (01)
Ships in approx. 15-20 days

24' x 12' Skip Cover Net

Skip cover nets are used when transporting skips or when they are being used on site. The main use is to stop debris and rubbish being blown out of the skip and contaminating the surrounding area, 

Our skip covers and made from a high quality 45mm mesh knotlesss polypropylene netting which is breathable and weatherproof. To secure the netting to the skip our covers come with a 6mm bungee already installed. Securing the cover to the skip is simple, just place the bunge under the fixing points all the way around. This will ensure the skip cover stays in place whether the skip is stationary or on the move. 

Technical Specs

  • 45mm knotless polypropylene netting
  • Reinforced edging
  • 24' x 12' (7.32m x 3.66m)

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