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Webbing net, size: 3050 x 4250 mm

£ 835.00 * GBP 1002.00 * incl. VAT: £ 1,002.00

Article number: 591000-300-51

Description Properties
Article number: 591000-300-51

3050 x 4250mm Webbing Net

If you’re looking for unbeatable security when transporting loads then our Huck Nets webbing cargo nets are the solution. These webbing cargo nets are a made with heavy duty webbing strapping to ensure large loads such as pallets are secured during transit.

A key feature of these webbing cargo nets are the multiple lashing points. These integrated lashing points make it easier to secure odd shaped loads and for securing loads at multiple points. This helps to eliminate movement during transit. Our webbing cargo nets are used by many logistics and warehouseing compaines across the UK.

If you are looking for a heavier duty version of our webbing cargo nets then please take a look at our webbing cargo nets with fine mesh covers. They are manufactured with an integrated 20mm mesh cover to help secure loose and smaller loads such as boxes stored on pallets.  

Technical Specs   

  • Lashing points (LC): 1000 daN 
  • Lorries max. mass ofrom 7,5 t to 12 t (under DIN EN 12640).
  • With GS-mark and labelling following VDI 2700ff and DIN EN 12195-2

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