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Camo Netting

Our camouflage netting is a great choice for sports, outdoor activities, and barriers, manufactured using our trusted high-quality and durable materials. Browse our extensive range of camo netting today.




Product overview Camo Netting
PP 2,3 mm, MW 25 mm, dunkelgrün, Detailbild

General-Purpose Netting, Green - 25mm, 45mm or 100mm mesh

Article number GPN-01
Unit Price per m²
£ 2.39
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Best Camo Net for Any Adventure

Camo netting can be used for a wide variety of activities and projects, including sports and recreational sites, and ours offers the best all-around solution.


Huck’s camo nets are manufactured by our in-house team, using quality materials and clever craftmanship to provide a top-notch end product. 


Uses for Camo Netting

Whatever or wherever you plan to use a camouflage net, you’ll find the best solutions here at Huck.


Blending in Vs. Standing Out

There are many types of netting designed to stand out and be noticed, often for safety reasons, but there are times when you want the nets to blend into the surroundings. This is where camo netting comes in.


Camouflage netting is incredibly popular with people who engage in outdoor sports or sites where you don’t want the netting to disrupt the sight of a particular area. Our nets are black or green in colour, so you can choose whichever is most suitable for your application.


All our nets at Huck Nets are fire retardant to safety standards in Europe, therefore, they’re perfectly safe for play and work.


Bespoke Camo Netting

Since all of our netting is manufactured in-house, we offer made-to-order net sizes. This allows you to acquire the exact size of netting to fit the area you need it for. Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to craft the perfect netting solution for you.


Browse our range of camouflage netting to find the perfect netting for your next outdoor adventure.




Does Camo Netting Work?

When used properly, camouflage nets can be incredibly effective. If you want to protect a certain area but don’t want the netting to be visible, our black and green nets are ideal.

What Can You Do With Camo Nets?

There is an almost endless number of things you can do with a high quality camo net. There are many applications in the world of outdoor sports including shooting, fishing, bird watching, and even paintball. You can also use it to protect areas of a garden without having to put up brightly coloured netting.

How Do You Use Camouflage Netting?

You can easily secure camo nets with cable ties or weights to prevent it moving or flapping too much in the wind which can draw attention to it. This kind of netting can either be stretched out to cover a larger area or used closer together to provide a thicker disguise.