Feb. 8, 2023

Score Big With Freestanding Pop-Up Goals From Huck Nets!

If you’re looking to take your football game up a notch, then Huck Nets’ Freestanding Pop-Up Goals are the perfect solution!

Installing a permanent, fixed football goal in your garden at home isn't possible or realistic for many of us. The lack of space, time and the cost of a permanent goal can be prohibitive for many. That's where freestanding pop-up goals come in.

A perfect solution for any football-mad fan, freestanding pop-up goals are an ideal way to practice shooting and passing drills and even play a small game of football in the garden. They take up very little space when not in use and can be easily put away after you’ve finished playing.

Whether you're a professional, semi-pro or weekend warrior or just enjoy having a kickabout, Huck Nets’ freestanding goals are the perfect addition to your home or club football training. Easy to assemble and designed for maximum stability, these goals will help you hone your skills in no time!

What Can Pop-up Goals Be Used For?

Freestanding and pop-up goals are small football goals that can be easily set up and taken down in any space. For people who are limited on garden space, they are a great alternative to larger or permanent goals.

They're even great for pro, semi-pro or weekend warriors who are looking to practice and refine their skills.

Garden Football Games

Freestanding pop-up goals are perfect for a game of garden football. Whether it's with your friends or family, these portable football goals make it easy to set up a game anywhere.

They're also great for parties or events, as they can be easily moved around and set up in any space. Plus, they come with the added bonus of being able to take them down quickly when you’re done playing!

Training Session

Freestanding pop-up goals can also be used to practice drills, ball control and shooting techniques. As they are light and portable, they can easily be moved around your garden or field. This makes them ideal for practising different skills in multiple locations.

If you're part of a football club, your training pitch is the perfect place to set up these goals for a session.

Practising Football at Home

Whether you're an adult with a passion for football or your children are budding footballers looking to hone their skills, Huck Nets’ freestanding goals can help.

These portable goals are perfect for practising shooting and passing drills in the garden. You can have mini-training games with your family and friends or just practice on your own.

Football goals

Schools and Clubs

Portable and easy to assemble, freestanding pop-up goals are ideal for schools and clubs. Whether it's a tournament or a training session, these goals can be easily set up in any space.

They make organising sports activities simple and cost-effective!

5-a-side Football

For those looking to play a small-sided game of football, freestanding goals make a perfect choice. They can easily be set up in any space and are ideal for 5-a-side games.

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Futsal Games

Pop-up goals are also great for futsal games. Their lightweight and portable design make them perfect for playing a game of futsal in any space.

How Pop-up Goals Can Help to Improve Your Football Skills

Pop-up goals are a perfect way to practice your shooting and passing accuracy. As you can easily move the goals around, it allows you to simulate different types of scenarios.

Practising your shots on goal with a friend can help you to develop your technique, accuracy and confidence. This can be particularly beneficial for those looking to improve their game and work on their finishing skills.

And everyone knows that taking penalties is all about practice and confidence! With the help of a pop-up goal, you can work on your penalty-taking technique and become more confident in match situations.

If you want to really hone in on your skills, a shooting target wall can be a great addition for practising the accuracy of your shots. This polyethene shooting target wall from Huck Nets can be tied to the goalposts and features top and bottom-corner targets.

This helps to simulate real match situations and will help you to improve your accuracy when shooting on goal in a live game.

Freestanding Pop-up Goals Vs Fixed Goals

When it comes to deciding between a pop-up goal and a fixed goal, there are several factors you should consider.

Freestanding goals are perfect for those who don’t want the commitment of fixing a football goal in their garden, training pitch or school field. As they are portable and easy to assemble, they can easily be moved around and stored away when not in use.

On the other hand, fixed goals might be better for those who are looking for a more permanent football goal. These goals provide stability and durability, as well as being able to withstand harsher weather conditions when left out.

Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on the space you have available, the intention of use and your budget.

Football goals

Choosing a Pop-up Football Goal: What to Consider

Measuring the size of the area you want to allocate to your football goals (or goal) is the most important task before deciding which goal to buy. 

You should also consider the type of surface you will be using, as well as any additional features, such as a target wall or shooting targets.

When it comes to choosing a goal, don’t forget to look at the material used and the overall weight of the goal – this can affect its portability and ease of storage.

Our Recommended Freestanding Pop-up Goals from Huck Nets

At Huck Nets, we have been manufacturing great-quality netting since 1996 – sports netting included!

Our huge range of versatile sports netting includes freestanding football goals in a variety of sizes. The goal nets are manufactured with strong, reliable polyethene, so even the most powerful shots won’t break them!

Aluminium Freestanding Futsal Goal

This Aluminium Freestanding Futsal Goal is the perfect solution for training or Futsal facilities where goals need to be moved or stored quickly.

The frame has been powder coated for additional protection from rust, further extending its life span and providing a professional white finish – which is UV and weather resistant!

This goal can withstand rigorous play during training sessions and can be easily moved or stored with minimal effort. An ideal product for any space where regular storage of goals is necessary.

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Mini Championship Freestanding Football Goal

This Mini Championship Freestanding Football Goal is great for practice, training, and fun!

The goalposts are also powder coated for rust prevention and have a professional white finish with UV and weather resistance. This freestanding goal is perfect for training facilities where goals need to be moved or stored after each session due to its lightweight construction.

Great for gardens and ideal for small-sided games.

Football goals

Full-Size Aluminium Self Weighted Freestanding Football Goal

This Full-Size Aluminium Self-Weighted Freestanding Football Goal is a perfect choice for any training facility.

Made from lightweight and weather-resistant aluminium, the goal boasts an elliptical frame measuring 100mm x 120mm and reinforced with international-style back and top supports, making it compliant with EN748 standards.

This full-size senior football goal also comes with weights positioned inside the bottom bars to keep the goal secure during play but easy to move around and store when needed.

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5-a-side Full Size Steel Freestanding Rigid Goal

This 5-a-side Full-Size Steel Freestanding Rigid Goal is an essential piece of equipment for sports clubs, schools, colleges, and training facilities.

It has been designed to be incredibly strong and stable while also being simple to move when required. The frame is constructed from 60mm OD round galvanised steel - which has been squared rather than elliptical - for added strength and stability.

For extra rigidity and stability, the goal incorporates solid back supports that provide additional support for the structure of the goal.

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Summary: The Perfect Accessory for any Player's Training Routine

From parks to training facilities, freestanding and pop-up football goals are the perfect accessory for any player’s training or recreational activities.

At Huck Nets, we offer a range of freestanding football goals and goal nets in different sizes and materials to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for an aluminium Futsal goal or a full-size steel freestanding rigid goal, we have the right one for you.

Browse our selection today and take your game to the next level!

Great for gardens and ideal for small-sided games.

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What size is a 7-a-side goal?

Huck Net's 7-a-side football goals measure 12 feet by 6 feet, perfect for 7-a-side games or training facilities.

What size are the goals in football?

There are many different sizes of football goals depending on the level of play, but the standard size is 8 feet by 24 feet for adult 11-a-side games.

How can I practice football in my garden?

We offer a range of mini and freestanding football goals, perfect for practising or having fun with friends in the garden. .

How big is a 9-a-side goal? Huck Net's 9-a-side football goals measure 16 feet by 7 feet and are made from powder-coated aluminium for extra strength and stability.