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Futsal Goal Nets

Huck Nets' futsal goal nets are the best choice for your fustal game. Our futsal football netting is made of high-quality materials to guarantee the best performance and durability. Read More

Product overview Futsal Goal Nets
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2.5mm Futsal Netting

Article number 111X
Unit Price per pair
£ 45.32

3mm Futsal Goal Netting

Article number 112X
Unit Price per pair
£ 65.92

4mm Futsal Goal Nets

Article number 114-X
Unit Price per pair
£ 82.40
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Futsal Goal Nets

Whether you're setting up new futsal clubs or need a replacement football net for your goals, Huck Nets' futsal goal nets are a perfect choice!


They’re ideal for schools, clubs, leisure centres and other recreational venues to use, so whatever your requirements, Huck Nets have the best futsal goals netting for you!


Our futsal goal nets are available in 3 different diameters – lightweight 2.5mm, mid-weight 3mm and heavier-weight 4mm – so you can choose the weight and diameter that's best suited to your futsal needs. No matter what netting thickness you choose, you can be confident your net meets the highest safety standards to guarantee the best performance and durability.


Made to fit standard-size futsal goals (3m x 2m), our nets are supplied in two handy packs, so you can quickly and easily get your goals up and running.


What's more is our netting is UV, rot and weather-resistant, so even outdoor futsal teams can be sure that their nets will stand the test of time.


Explore Huck Nets' range of futsal goal nets today and find the best net for your futsal game.

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What is the size of a futsal goal net?

The standard futsal goal size is 3 metres wide by 2 metres tall.

What's the difference between futsal and 5-a-side?

Futsal and 5-a-side both have 5 players on each side, but the size of the pitch and goals are slightly different. A 5-a-side pitch is slightly wider than the one used to play futsal, hence why the goal size is also slightly different.

Why are futsal goal smaller than normal football goals?

A futsal pitch is very small compared to a regular football pitch, so the goals must also be smaller in order to fit onto the court. The smaller goal size encourages teams to develop more precise passing and dribbling skills to score goals.

Which is the best futsal netting to buy?

Huck Nets' futsal goal nets are ideal for replacing worn nets and setting up new ones. Our nets come in 3 different diameters, all manufactured to the standard size of 3m x 2m, so you can choose the weight and diameter that's best suited to your futsal needs.