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Football Special Offers

Find all the very best deals and prices in our football equipment sale! From football goal nets and lots more, get all your football essentials at Huck Nets' football special offers. Read More

Product overview Football Special Offers
Full Size Continental Football Goal Nets

Full Size Continental Football Goal Nets - 2.3mm Diameter

Article number 1001-02
material diameter 2.3 mm
mesh size 120mm
Size Senior
Unit Price per pair
£ 33.32
3mm white football net clos eup

Full Size Football Goal Nets - 3mm Diameter

Article number 1052
Size Senior
material diameter 3 mm
mesh square mesh 120 mm
top and bottom depth 100 x 225 cm
material high tenacity polypropylene, knotless
Frame size 7.32 x 2.45 m
Unit Price per pair
£ 102.10
international style football nets

Full size International Style Football Goal Nets - 3mm Diameter *Exclusive Online Offer*

Article number 1054
Size Senior
material diameter 3 mm
mesh square mesh 120 mm
top and bottom depth 100 x 300 cm
Unit Price per pair
£ 87.40

"Ultimate" 5m wide team shelter for 10-11 people

Article number 1915-uk
Unit price
£ 900.00

4mm junior 5-a-side goal nets

Article number SO-1519
Unit Price per pair
£ 20.00
out of

Football Net Sale

Are you searching for football equipment sale offers to get your club ready for the season? Look no further than Huck Nets football special offers! Ideal for schools, grassroots clubs and professional teams.


We have lots of different football netting, goals and accessories available at some great prices! Our professional-quality products will have your club ready for the season without having to spend a fortune.


Our football goal nets are made using top-quality professional knotless netting that's incredible at withstanding any weather conditions (thanks to its UV and weather-resistant properties) and repeated use.


We have all sizes, too, so no matter whether you're playing a classic 11-a-side match or a futsal game, we've got you sorted.


You'll also find a great selection of other football accessories, training equipment and ground equipment in our special offers range. All the equipment is built to last and will help you get the most out of your game.


Discover our selection of football special offers and deals today and grab some great bargains for your club. Shop now!



Where can I find football equipment deals?

At Huck Nets, we have a great selection of football equipment deals for your football team! Whether you're on the hunt for football training equipment, goal nets or grounds equipment, we have a superb selection of offers available.

What's included in your football equipment sale?

In our football equipment sale, you'll find a great range of products of all sizes and types, like nets for football goals of all sizes, training equipment, team shelters and other accessories. All at great prices to help you get the most out of your game, for less!

Is football equipment expensive?

Professional quality football equipment can be a little pricey, but you can definitely get great deals when you shop at Huck Nets! We have an excellent selection of football special offers that include some great savings on high-quality products. Don't miss out!

What football equipment do I need for my club?

You'll need the obvious basics to get your club ready such as goals, netting, corner flags and match balls. You may also need training equipment like cones, football bibs and balls, as well as ground equipment such as team shelters, benches and flags.