March 15, 2023

What Are Sight Screens In Cricket? A Guide To Their Function & Benefits

Cricket is a growing sport worldwide, and you'll soon come to realise there's a whole lot more than just the players and their cricket equipment that makes the game. Setting up the cricket ground equipment is essential to the game, and one of the most important pieces is the sight screens.

When you've been watching a game of cricket, you might have noticed a large white or black screen at the end of the pitch. That's what we call the sight screen or side screen, and it plays an important role in the game.

What is a sight screen in cricket? And what purpose does it serve?

Read on to find out.

What is a Sight Screen in Cricket?

A sight screen in cricket is one of the most important pieces of equipment on the pitch – aside from the bats and balls.

Sight screens are large, tall screens placed behind the cricket wickets just beyond the pitch boundary, usually attached to the ground using metal poles, frames, or wheels.

Their main purpose is to help batsmen see the cricket ball hurtling towards them more easily by creating a contrast between the ball and the spectators and anything else in their line of vision that might distract them.

Bowlers can bowl cricket balls at speeds around 93 mph (the record for the fastest bowl is actually 100.2 mph!). With a ball coming at the batsman so rapidly, they really don't have much time between spotting the ball and deciding how to respond.

The sight screen helps them get this vital split-second edge, which could be all the difference between scoring a six or getting bowled out.

For this reason, it's really crucial that cricket sightscreens are always placed in the right place on the cricket pitch to provide full visibility for the batsman.

Canvas Cricket Sight Screen

Different Colour Sight Screens

There are two sight screens most commonly used in cricket – white and black.

White cricket sight screens are often used in amateur cricket – like schools or local clubs. A red ball is used in these games, so it makes sense that a white sight screen is constructed on the cricket field since this provides the most contrast with the ball's colour.

You'll see that black sight screens, on the other hand, are used more commonly in T20 test matches, where a white ball is used for play. The contrast between the white ball and the black sightscreen helps batsmen spot the ball more easily.

Different Types of Cricket Sight Screens

As well as varying colours, there are different types of sight screens available for cricket grounds, made from different materials.

All sight screens, regardless of their material, provide the same purpose and benefits, so it's really just down to your budget and preference over which type you choose.

Different types of cricket sight screens include:

Canvas Cricket Sightscreen

Canvas sight screens in cricket are a more budget-friendly option. They're usually made from an outdoor-grade PVC mesh fabric, making them lightweight and easy to install.

They can be used for outdoor and indoor cricket fields and provide good contrast between the cricket ball and the spectators.

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Wooden Cricket Sightscreen

Wooden cricket sight screens are a more traditional option, so if your cricket field is looking for something a bit more old-school, this could be the choice to go for.

Wooden Cricket Screen

The wooden slats are painted white or black, depending on your game requirements, and will help to protect against weathering and fading over time.

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Mesh Cricket Sightscreen

Mesh cricket screens are also a budget-friendly option. The close mesh material allows air to flow through the sight screen, meaning it's less likely that wind will blow it over.

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Plastic Cricket Sightscreen

Plastic sight screens are a good investment because they arguably provide the most long-lasting and durable solution.

They're one of the more popular choices amongst cricket clubs due to their easy manoeuvrability and minimal installation requirements.

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Reversible Cricket Sightscreen

A reversible sight screen might be the best solution if your cricket field is used interchangeably for both red and white-ball matches.

As the name suggests, these screens are white on one side and black on the other, allowing you to simply flip the screen depending on the ball colour in play.

Typically, the screen is manufactured using mesh material, allowing air to flow through and keeping the screen secure.

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Why is using a Sight Screen in Cricket Important?

Aside from creating a contrast between the colour of the ball and the colour of the screen, the cricket sight screen also helps to block out any movement from spectators behind the bowler.

Cricket is a game of focus and concentration, and any distractions behind the bowler could be disruptive to the batsman. Therefore, having a sight screen in place makes it easier for the batsman to focus solely on the ball and make more accurate decisions.


Where Can You Buy a Cricket Sight Screen?

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We offer a whole range of cricket sight screens – from canvas and mesh to traditional wooden screens and handy reversible screens – so whatever your cricket field needs, you can find it here.

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We also provide a full installation service and can offer advice to help you choose the best solution to meet your requirements.

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What is the size of a cricket sight screen?

Typically, a sight screen in cricket measures 4 metres in width and 4.5 metres in height. However, you can find bespoke sight screens to fit your desired size.

Huck Nets can offer custom and bespoke sight screens tailored to your specific needs.

What is the colour of a sight screen in cricket?

For amateur cricket games, a white sight screen is often used as it provides good contrast between the red ball. For T20 test matches, a black screen is usually used since a white ball is used.

Why is there a black screen in cricket?

The black screen often seen in T20 cricket matches is called a sight screen. A sight screen in cricket benefits the batter, allowing them to focus and track the ball more easily. The black screen helps to create a stark contrast between the white ball and the background.

What is the price of a side screen in cricket?

The price of a side screen in cricket will depend on the type of screen you are buying; for example, a plastic sight screen will cost you significantly more than a canvas or mesh screen. For a plastic side screen, you should expect to pay anywhere upwards of £1,500.