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indoor cricket sightscreen

Indoor Cricket Canvas Sight Screen - 5m x 2m

Article number CANVAS-5X2
Unit price
£ 70.00
Reversable cricket light screen

Reversible Cricket Sight Screen Material (White/Black)

Article number 0509-62
Unit Price per m²
£ 10.88
cricket sightscreen kist

Temporary Cricket Sight Screen Kit

Article number 0512
Unit Price per set
£ 175.00

Traditional Wooden Cricket Sight Screen

Article number 0522
Unit price
£ 1,850.00
retractable sightscreen

Retractable Mesh Cricket Sight Screen with Frame

Article number 0520
Unit price
£ 1,450.00

Cricket Sight Screen/Batting Mesh Sheet (Material Only)

Article number 0509
Unit Price per m²
£ 5.44
knotball bungee loops

Knotball bungee loops

Article number 0510
Unit price
£ 0.50
sight screen stabilisers

Cricket Sight Screen Stabilisers

Article number 0518
Unit price
£ 28.00
wheel for ultimate mesh sightscreen

Ultimate Mesh Sight Screen Wheel

Article number 0518W
Unit price
£ 22.50
plastic cricket sightscreen

Club Model Plastic Sight Screen 4m x 4.5m High

Article number 0501/CLUB
Unit price
£ 1,576.44
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Cricket Sight screens are required at almost all levels of the game, Huck have a selection of cricket sightscreens to suit most grounds from our cricket screen and pole kits too full polypanel sightscreen. We even supply traditional wooden sightscreens. The most popular screen we have is the mesh screen and as the material can be made to any size we can supply replacement mesh to suit any old frame.