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indoor cricket sightscreen

Indoor Cricket Canvas Sight Screen - 5m x 2m

Article number CANVAS-5X2
Unit price
£ 70.00
retractable sightscreen

Retractable Mesh Cricket Sight Screen with Frame

Article number 0520
Unit price
£ 1,450.00
cricket sightscreen kist

Temporary Cricket Sight Screen Kit

Article number 0512
Unit Price per set
£ 193.00
Reversable cricket light screen

Reversible Cricket Sight Screen Material (White/Black)

Article number 0509-62
Unit Price per m²
£ 10.88

Traditional Wooden Cricket Sight Screen

Article number 0522
Unit price
£ 2,050.00

Cricket Sight Screen/Batting Mesh Sheet (Material Only)

Article number 0509
Unit Price per m²
£ 5.44
knotball bungee loops

Knotball bungee loops

Article number 0510
Unit price
£ 0.50
sight screen stabilisers

Cricket Sight Screen Stabilisers

Article number 0518
Unit price
£ 28.00
wheel for ultimate mesh sightscreen

Ultimate Mesh Sight Screen Wheel

Article number 0518W
Unit price
£ 27.50
plastic cricket sightscreen

Club Model Plastic Sight Screen 4m x 4.5m High

Article number 0501/CLUB
Unit price
£ 1,576.44
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Professional Cricket Sight Screens

Huck Nets cricket sight screens are suitable for all levels of cricket, from professional senior games to schools and training. All our sight screens are made from robust and durable materials, designed to meet the highest standards.


Our collection also includes sight screen stabilisers, wheels and full temporary kits, so you can find everything you need for your cricket ground.


Plastic, Mesh & Wooden Sight Screens

We manufacture and supply sight screens made from various materials, so you can choose the best option to suit your cricket ground.


Our plastic sight screens offer excellent weather resistance and durability, making them ideal for long-term use. We also have mesh sight screens that allow more air circulation and better visibility. For a classic look, we have wooden sight screens with a traditional design perfect for most grounds.


Our mesh sight screen is the most popular amongst our customers, as the material can be cut to any size required and be used to fit existing frames.

Many of the screens can be purchased with the frames or by itself, depending on your needs.


Buy Cricket Sight Screens Online

Order your cricket sight screen online at Huck Nets today to complete your ground.


Please get in touch with our sales team if you have a specific bespoke requirement or if you have any questions. We would be happy to help and provide advice on the best screen for your cricket ground.


Take a look at the rest of our cricket nets and ground equipment range.



What Size is a Cricket Sight Screen?

Cricket sightscreens are typically 4.5 metres high and 4 to 5 metres wide, depending on your grounds. Our screens can be ordered as this standard size, or customised to your requirements.

Is a Sight Screen Required in Cricket?

Yes, sight screens are required in almost all levels of the game. Their job is to give the batsman an uninterrupted view of the bowler and the ball, allowing them to better judge when to hit the ball. It also hides any distractions outside the game, such as spectators or other players.

Why are there Black and White Sight Screens?

A white sight screen is typically used for amateur cricket games where a red ball is used for play. On the other hand, a black sight screen is usually used for T20 test matches where a white cricket ball is used.

What Material is Best for Cricket Sightscreens?

Wooden sight screens are a popular choice found on many grounds because they provide a traditional feel to the game. However, a mesh sight screen may provide a longer-lasting solution as they are more durable and resistant to the elements, particularly the mesh we use here at Huck.