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Cricket Bowling Machines & Accessories

If you’re looking for the ultimate cricket bowling machine, you’ve come to the right place. At Huck Nets, we offer a wide selection of cricket bowling machines and accessories to cover all your cricket bowling needs.

Product overview Cricket Bowling Machines & Accessories

Bola pro bowling machine

Article number 0910
Unit price
£ 1,898.33
bowling machine battery

Bowling machine battery

Article number 0918
Unit price
£ 155.00
bowling machine balls

Bowling machine balls

Article number 0925
Unit Price per pack
£ 42.84
cricket ball machine

Bala Cricket Ball Bowling Machine (Battery Model)

Article number 0912
Unit price
£ 1,698.33
out of

Best Cricket Bowling Machines

Our range includes high-quality bowling machines that can be used both indoors and outdoors, for junior cricketers and professional teams alike.


If you want to practice your swing and batting of cricket balls, our machines provide precision and accuracy to ensure your technique is honed.


Plus, you can crank up the speed settings if you want a more intense cricket training experience.


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Our cricket ball bowling machine is perfect for use at a cricket club, schools and for players who just enjoy a little friendly competition.


It can be easily set up and moved around, allowing you to practice your bowling wherever you need to.


And our handy cricket bowling machine stand is ideal for your Bola bowling machine. This robust frame gives you a stable platform to practice your bowling without risking any damage to the machine or yourself.

Bowling Machine Cricket Balls

And if you need to stock up on cricket balls, we also have a variety of cricket ball machines available. 


The cricket machine balls are dimpled to give perfect flight characteristics, meaning you can perfect your swings with precision.


Get all your cricket bowling machine needs at Huck Nets for perfecting your batting technique!

To complete your cricket set-up, take a look at our cricket nets right here.




Which cricket bowling machine is best?

Our Bola bowling machine is perfect for a range of cricketing needs, from professional teams to junior players.

What is the benefit of cricket bowling machine?

If you're serious about perfecting your batting technique, a cricket ball bowling machine is a great way to get in that extra practice you need. Plus, you can easily adjust the speed settings to make it as intense or laid-back as you'd like.

Do bowling machine balls damage bats?

Bowling machine balls shouldn't damage your cricket bat. If they are, then you need to make sure that you're using the right type of balls and the correct speed settings.

Can you use tennis balls in a cricket bowling machine?

Unless the manufacturer says so, you shouldn't use tennis balls in a cricket ball bowling machine as they could damage it. Stick to regular cricket machine balls for the best experience.