May 3, 2023

Different Football Net Types & Which You Need for Your Club

A key part of getting your football pitch set up and ready for the players is ensuring you have the right type of goal netting in place. Aside from the varying sizes, you need to consider the different football net types available, too.

You can read all about the size of goal net you need in our Size Buying Guide, but here, we’ll focus on the different types of nets, more specifically straight back, box and continental nets.

So, let’s jump into it and take a look at each type in more detail.

Here’s a helpful table to help you work out which net is best for your club:

Type of Football Goal & Net Goal Style Available Goal Net Thickness at Huck
Straight Back Goal Don't have any D-brackets on the goalposts 2.3mm, 3mm
Box Goal Bottom frame sits on the turf and has back support stanchions 3.5mm - 5mm
Continental Goal Features D-brackets or elbow net supports 2.5mm


Straight Back Football Goals and Nets

Straight Back Football Net

Straight-back football goals don't have any D-brackets on the goalposts. This means there are no other net supports apart from the posts themselves. As a result, the football net drapes straight down and is secured to the turf using ground net pegs.

This is a very basic style of a football goal, and often used for small-sided games and training sessions. It's also a great option for those on a budget, as it’s the most affordable football net type.

You can use these football net types for any size goal, even including full-size football goals. But whilst they can be used for professional and top-level games, they're often overlooked because they don't provide the same aesthetic as other styles of net.

Even so, they're still great for all levels of clubs and training facilities, and the straight-back style makes them easy to fit onto the posts.

Our Straight Back Football Net Recommendations

At Huck Nets, we manufacture various straight-back nets for all types of football goals, and our range is one of the best out there!

Our nets come in two different netting thicknesses: 2.3mm and 3mm. We recommend the 3mm netting for full-size professional goals so it can withstand the tougher kicking and shooting, whereas the 2.3mm is ideal for junior and mini-football goals.

They make great replacement nets should your existing net become damaged, or you can use them for a brand-new set of goals.

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Box Football Goals and Nets

Box Football Net

Box net goals (or stadium box nets) are types of football goals that top-level clubs typically prefer because they create a smart and professional look. They're generally what you'll see being used in the Premier League, European League and Cup teams and other professional leagues.

The football goals come with a bottom frame that sits on the turf and has back support stanchions, which the goal net is tied to using net ties. How the net is attached to the goal posts and back stanchions means it’s kept taut and can't sag as much, which gives the goals a more rigid and sturdy appearance.

Box football goals help create a more professional aesthetic on your pitch, no matter what level your club plays at. This can have a significant effect on your players by boosting their morale and confidence during a game.

Box Football Nets Used by Professional Clubs

At Huck Nets, we supply a fantastic range of box-style nets suitable for full-size football goals, whether you're looking to replace worn nets or buy a brand-new set.

Our nets come in a range of diameters, from 3.5mm to heavy-weight 5mm, so you can select the best thickness for your goals and the level of play.

All of our box football goal nets are manufactured using our incredible high-tenacity polypropylene knotless netting, trusted by top-flight clubs and teams all over the UK. We even have different types of mesh, too, including small mesh and classic square mesh.

Plus, we have various designs and colours, so you can match your net colour to your football club colours, creating an impressive and professional-looking pitch.

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Continental Football Goals and Nets

Continental Football Nets

Continental football goals are often referred to as standard goals, and they have those classic D-brackets or elbow net supports at the top of both goalposts. The goal net is draped over these brackets and then fixed to the turf using ground pegs.

These football nets are most commonly used at grassroots and amateur levels, but they can be used for any level of football. They're also great for training sessions and small-sided games, just like straight-back nets.

The Best Continental Football Nets for Your Club

We supply a fantastic range of continental-style football nets in various sizes and colours. Our standard version is made with 2.5mm twisted knotless polypropylene netting that offers excellent durability and longevity.

Just like all our other goal nets, we use only the best knotless polypropylene netting to create our continental nets in a range of diameters, mesh sizes and shapes so you can choose the most appropriate design for your goals.

We also have a great selection of net colours, from traditional white to black and red. Or, if you're after something a little more specific to fit in with your club's branding, we also create bespoke nets! We can design any colour combination you require in the exact size and thickness needed to match your goals.

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Different Football Goal Mesh Sizes & Shapes

As well as the different types of nets and the football goal post size, the size and shape of the mesh is also another important factor to consider when you’re buying goal netting.

Standard Size Football Mesh

Our standard size mesh measures 120mm, making it the most commonly used mesh size due to its exceptional strength. This size is preferred by Many professional leagues prefer this mesh for exactly this reason.

With its proven track record, our 120mm mesh provides the ideal balance of strength and versatility for a wide range of uses, including for portable football goals.

Small Football Mesh

Our small-sized football mesh measures 60mm, and they're great anti-hooligan nets as they make it harder for people to climb up the net.

Further to that, it protects the keeper from anything getting thrown into the goal.

Hexagonal Football Mesh

In addition to various mesh sizes, you have the option to select hexagonal-shaped meshes.

These meshes not only provide a neat and professional finish to your goals, but they also offer enhanced stability and increased durability. Their unique shape reduces the risk of the ball getting stuck in the corners.

Square Football Mesh

Our final, and probably most popular type, is square mesh. Square meshes measure 120mm and look very smart on the football goals. They provide good strength and support whilst still looking great. This is a common mesh for kids' football goals.

Find the Best Type of Football Net for Your Club at Huck

Choosing the right net for your football club is crucial, and at Huck Nets, we provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality nets to cater to a wide range of needs.

From the simplicity of straight-back goals to the professional aesthetic of box nets and the traditional appeal of continental nets, we've got everything covered. Whether you're replacing an old net or setting up new goals, we are your one-stop shop for all your net requirements.

Our football goal nets are available to purchase online or over the phone. If you’re after a bespoke mesh, size or colour net, please contact us for more information and support.

Check out our great range of football nets made from knotless, UV, rot, and weather-resistant polypropylene netting today.



What Mesh Size Do I Need for My Football Goals?

Most clubs and teams use a standard 120mm mesh size. You can also choose between square and hexagonal-shaped meshes.

What’s the Best Type of Football Net to Use for Senior Football?

Box nets are the most popular type of football net used for senior and professional teams, as they’re tauter and look more professional. However, continental goal nets are also great for senior teams.

Can You Create Custom-Coloured Football Nets?

Yes, we can! We manufacture all our nets in-house, so we can create any size, colour and thickness of net you require. Please contact us for more information about our bespoke football netting, and we'd be more than happy to help.

Can Straight-Back Football Nets be Used for Professional Matches?

Yes, straight-back football nets can be used for any size goal, including full-size professional games. However, they are often overlooked for professional matches due to their lack of aesthetic appeal compared to other styles of nets.

What's the Best Mesh Size for Football Nets?

The standard-size mesh of 120mm is the most commonly used due to its exceptional strength, making it preferred by many professional leagues. However, smaller 60mm mesh sizes are available and are great as anti-hooligan nets because they make it harder for people to climb up the net.