April 14, 2023

Football Goal Size Buying Guide: What Size You Need For Your Club

There's no 'one size fits all' with football goals. Different types of football games vary in so many ways – from pitch size to the number of players – and the goal size is one of the most important.

Failing to get the right size goal for your club could result in some serious issues. You might get fined or even have to forfeit a match if the size of your goalposts isn't up to regulation standards.

So what size should you get? We're here to help you out.

Our football net experts have put together a handy guide for all things related to goal size so that you can make sure you've got the right size for your competition and give you our recommendations for what goal nets you should buy.

Senior 11-a-side & Professional Football Goal Size

An 11-a-side football goal is what we consider to be a 'full-size football goal' since it's the most commonly used goal size for professional senior football, as well as most amateur 11-a-side leagues, outdoor parks and professional training grounds.

The size of a football goal that you need for 11-a-side football is 24ft (7.32m) wide and 8ft (2.44m) high, as set out by the Football Association (FA). This is the size you'll see used for all professional league football, like Premier League and international matches.

If you have an 11-a-side or professional club, or you're setting up a pitch at your local park, this is the size you'll need.

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Youth 11-a-side Football Goal Size

Youth 11-a-side football goals are not the same size as those used in senior matches. (Youth teams usually consist of the age group 13-14).

The FA says that youth teams should use a goal size of 21ft (6.40) wide and 7ft (2.13m) long.

This is to make it easier for younger players to put the ball in the goal.

Huck Nets Full Size Football Goal Nets

At Huck Nets, we manufacture a wide range of full-size football goal nets that are ideal for grassroots and professional football clubs.

Our nets are made from high-tenacity polypropylene and come in various thicknesses, from 2.3mm to 4mm, providing the very best in quality and durability. Plus, you can choose different colours if you want your nets to match your club colours, or stick with white for a classic choice.

We have single goal nets if you're searching for a replacement, as well as pairs of nets if you're looking to set up a full-size pitch.

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9-a-side Football Goal Size

9-a-side football is often played by younger football players under the age of 12, but there are many senior leagues and tournaments that use these size goals too.

The football goal size for 9-a-side is smaller than the regular 11-a-side option, standing at 16ft (4.87m) wide and 7ft (2.13m) high.

The 9-a-side game is played on a smaller pitch size to accommodate for the fewer number of players; therefore, a smaller goal is necessary. Plus, it's easier and more suitable for younger players to score goals with a smaller goal.

Huck Nets 9-a-side Football Goal Nets

We manufacture a variety of 9-a-side football goal nets that are suitable for all FA  regulations.

Just like our full-size goal nets, our 9-a-side football nets are made from high-tenacity polypropylene and come in various thicknesses for superior durability. The nets are even UV, rot and weather-resistant, so you don't have to worry about replacing them when the weather gets bad.

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Mini Soccer & 7-a-side Football Goal Size

7-a-side and mini-soccer is a really popular variation of football, and there are multiple local leagues and competitions held for players of all ages.

The football goal size used for senior players playing on an artificial pitch is 12ft (3.65m) wide and 6ft (1.82m) high.

Again, the smaller football pitch size used for 7-a-side and mini soccer requires a smaller goal to accommodate for the fewer number of players.

5-a-side Football Goal Size

The traditional 5-a-size football goal size is 12ft (3.65m) or 16ft (4.87m) wide by 4ft (1.21m) high, typically used on 3G, Astro, and indoor football pitches.

However, for Under 7s and 8s, goal posts at 12ft (3.65m) wide by 6ft (1.82m) high are approved by the FA. So the size you'll need here will depend on the type of football you're playing and the age range.

Huck Nets Mini Soccer & 5-a-side Football Goal Nets

At Huck Nets, we manufacture a wide range of 5-a-side and mini soccer goal nets that are perfect for all types of pitches and age groups.

Take your pick from our range of 5-a-side and mini soccer goal nets, all made with the same professional quality and durability as our full-size football nets.

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Futsal Goal Size

The football goal size for fustal matches is 3m wide by 2m high across all age groups and competitions.

Futsal is a fast-paced and intense 5-a-side game, so having larger goals would make it too easy for the attacking team to score.

Huck Nets Futsal Goal Nets

We have a choice of 3 different diameter football nets for your futsal goals, all cut to fit the standard futsal goal size.

The most lightweight option is 2.5mm thick, with the thickest being 4mm, so whatever your needs are, you'll find the perfect goal net for your club here.

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Huck Nets: UK's Leading Sports Netting Manufacturer & Supplier

At Huck Nets, we know what it takes to produce professional quality football netting for all types of clubs and competitions. We've been making nets for over 25 years, and we supply to some of the top professional football clubs in the country.

We have a huge variety of goal nets to suit all types of football goal sizes, so we truly are your go-to netting supplier.

Take a look at all the football netting we have to offer! Or, if you're after something a little more bespoke, we can even cut and colour your nets to fit your requirements. Feel free to get in touch!



What is the size of a Premier League goal?

All Premier League goals are 24ft (7.32m) wide and 8ft (2.44m) high. This same football goal size is used for all 11-a-side football.

What is the standard 7-a-side goal size?

The standard 7-a-side football goal dimensions are 12ft (3.65m) wide by 6ft (1.82m) high.

Are all football goals the same size?

No, football goal sizes will depend on the type of football game. For example, the higher the number of players in the game, the larger the goal size will be. The 11-a-side game requires the largest size, followed by 9-a-side and so on.

Are all professional football goals the same size?

All 11-a-side professional football goals are the same size and measure 24ft (7.32m) wide by 8ft (2.44m) high. This is the size used across all professional leagues, such as the Premier League and international matches.