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Balcony Netting

Balcony Safety Netting & Bird Netting

We sell a wide range of balcony netting solutions which can be used inside and outside for balcony safety netting and bird deterrent netting. All of our netting is manufactured in the UK to the highest quality and safety standards.

Balcony safety netting is essential for areas that put children and adults at risk of falls. The most common use for balcony safety netting is indoors on stairwells and low balconies. Balcony safety netting comes in a 45 and 60mm mesh size and a thick 4-5mm diameter. It's the same netting we use for our industrial safety nets so is incredibly strong, soft and highly durable. It is suitable for use inside and outside. 

Outdoor balconies are often a nesting area for birds like pigeons and starlings. While the nests may not be a problem, the droppings and feathers pose serious health risks. To prevent birds from entering your balcony, we recommend buying lightweight bird deterrent netting. This netting comes in three sizes to protect against different species. It's quick and easy to install and we have a wide range of netting fixings you can add to your order.