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Badminton Nets

Much like our world-famous Edwards tennis nets, we make badminton nets to a world class standard. Our badminton nets are suitable for use as badminton tournament nets and come in a range of mesh sizes and net sizes. Many of our badminton nets are in stock for next day delivery. However, if you would like a badminton net made to order we can make nets to special sizes.

To ensure our badminton nets are durable and can withstand regular use over long periods we make them from high-strength polypropylene. We are the pioneers of knotless polypropylene netting and have been using it for many years for a range of different netting solutions. For added strength we include a Kevlar cable in the headband of our indoor badminton nets which keeps them taught during gameplay.

Also available in our online range are badminton sets. These nets are made using 1.2mm diameter knotless netting and come in a 2, 3 or 4 net badminton set. The mesh size is 18mm and they are supplied without a polyester reinforcement. Kevlar cable is included with our badminton set at a length of 15m.

As well as tournament badminton nets we offer leisure nets like our badminton beach net. This is a lightweight net perfect for use on the beach or in the garden. It’s made from 1mm diameter nylon netting and comes with nylon tensioning ropes. The headband is also made from a durable nylon material and comes in a choice of three different colours. Support poles can also be purchased separately.

Huck Nets are the leading supplier of sports netting in the UK. We have been manufacturing safety, industrial and sports netting in our Dorset factory since 1996. We supply a select range of badminton equipment including badminton nets and badminton sets. Our badminton equipment covers both indoor badminton nets and beach badminton nets.