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Safety & Stop net made of Hercules rope, mesh size 100 mm

Article number: 4305-100

Description Properties
Article number: 4305-100
Available colours: Green (01)

Safety & Stop Net Made of Hercules Rope - Mesh Size 100 mm

Hercules rope is an extremely strong type of rope that is used to make safety and stop netting. It gets its strength from the internal steel core which is then covered with a textile net. Despite the strength it still has a relatively smaller diameter of 5mm making it easy to work with and suitable for a range of applications. 

Due to the steel core it forms a rigid net with a square 100mm mesh. This incredibly strong and vandal resistant netting is usually used to partition fields or as ball stop netting behind goals posts. Hercules netting is also commonly used to create playground obstacles such as rope ladders and net bridges. 

Technical Specs 

  • Safety & stop net
  • Made of polypropylene with steel core (reinforced textile net)
  • Approx. 2.5/5 mm dia 
  • Mesh size 100 mm.
  • Devised to partion fields or to stop balls behind goal posts
  • Other colours on request

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