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Bespoke Fall Arrest Nets

Fall arrest netting is an essential safety feature for any job where workers are going to be operating at height. It gives workers more freedom than if they were using a harness-based fall arrest system and helps them to be more productive. Fall arrest netting is also the preferred choice of fall prevention by the UK Health and Safety Executive 

Made to order fall arrest safety netting may be required for non-standard jobs on buildings or construction sites with gaps of different shapes and sizes. This is not uncommon in the construction industry. Our skilled team of net workers are able to create bespoke fall arrest nets to suit the job you are on. These are usually supplied with border rope and ties. We can also attach debris netting where required.  

Personal safety netting or fall arrest netting is available to purchase in a range of mesh sizes from 45mm through to 100mm. Each net has requirements to ensure that it conforms to different standards. As well as a range of standard size fall arrest nets we specialise in producing made to order fall arrest safety netting in our Dorset based factory.  

On the individual product pages you will find information regarding how each net may be used to conform to different safety standards. For example, a 100mm safety net can only be certified if the width is greater than 5m or the overall size is above 35sqm. It is vital that you follow these guidelines to ensure that workers are kept safe. 

We produce safety netting for construction and restoration projects taking place all over the world. We have been manufacturing netting since 1996 and are the UK’s leading netting supplier, manufacturer and installer. If you need any advice about fall arrest netting you can call our team on 01308 425100.